Adelindis filia Gotefridi

Gules, a pile between two lionesses' faces Or.Gules, a pile OrAdelindis is the co-founder and first Seneschal of the Canton of Lightwood.  She chose her original device after her husband and occasional heraldic advisor, Karl Faustus von Aachen, showed her a page of designs of extremely simple heraldry.  More recently, she decided to add a pair of lionesses, retaining her original design as a badge.  This led to the curious decision of the College of Arms to blazon her design with ounces, a kind of generic cat, instead of lionesses.  Adelindis is currently employing the assistance of Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn, Dromond Herald, to find evidence to reverse this decision.

Original submission: Gules, a pile Or.  Submitted in early 2004 (records are hazy).  Forwarded to Laurel in June 2004.  Registered on the October 2004 LoAR, so probably announced in early 2005.

Baron Duncan's conflicting deviceThe device was in conflict with that of a baron in Calontir, Duncan Fearmac MacLeod: Barry and per pale sable and argent, chaussé gules. From reading the blazon, you wouldn’t think that could be a conflict, but that’s down to the obscure French field division called chaussé.  Luckily, Baron Duncan was easily found on the interwebs, and granted his permission without hesitation.

The name was originally submitted as Adelindis filia Gotefrid, because we didn’t know whether the Latin grammatical rules were being applied consistently in mid-period, so left it to the College to decide.  They don’t seem to have paid much attention to the question, just assumed that the grammatical rules would be adhered to and modified the surname to Gotefridi.

Documentation for the name was summarised in CAMEL as follows:

Submitter desires a 12th C, Flemish feminine name and will accept changes. ‘Adelindis’ is cited as being from 8th -11th C., and ‘Gotefrid’ from 9th -12th C. in Names in the Low Lands before 1150. ‘filia’ common byname form for ‘daughter of’.

When it was registered, the Letter of Acceptance and Return went like this.  Errors are in the original:

Adelindis filia Gotefridi. Name and device. Gules, a pile Or.

Submitted as Adelindis filia Gotefrid, the patronymic appears in the nominative case, meaning “Adelindis daughter Gotfrid [sic].” We have changed this to Adelindis filia Gotefridi, which puts the patronymic in the correct genitive case.

The submitter requested authenticity for 12th C. Flemish. This is a nice documentary Latin version of a 12th C. Flemish name.

The submitter has a letter of permission to conflict with Duncan Fearmac MacLeod: Barry and per pale sable and argent, chausse [sic] gules.