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Saturnalia II

The Canton held our second Roman-style midwinter celebration on June 9th at Glen Huon Hall. Steward, once again, was THL Karl Faustus von Aachen, with head cook this year being Óláfr Hafrillugi, in his first (but hopefully not last!) feast for the group.

Head Cook Óláfr Hafrillugi, photo by THL Karl Faustus von Aachen

During the day, there was a bounteous spread of afternoon tea provided by Óláfr, to sustain the early attendees in various activities such as dancing (led by Baroness Jehanne de Finistère), boffer fighting, (hobby)horse racing and kubb.

In the evening, the feast-goers played dice and other tabletop games, and enjoyed the delicious three course menu, based on Apicius.

Photo credits to Eric TF Bat and Liz Williamson

Menu (courtesy of Mechtild Schuynagel and Óláfr Hafrillugi)

Dear revelers of Saturnalia!

Please enjoy your feast prepared and cooked for you by Óláfr Hafrillugi. It is based on the writings of Apicius – a collction of Roman recipes compiled in the first century AD. It was also called De Re Coquinaria in the early prints.
The original recipes have been adjusted for modern food requirements as well as availability and affordability. Sorry folks, but that meant that those recipes with flamingo were out!

Yours in Service
Mechthild Schuynagel

V – Vegan
LS – low sugar
GF – Gluten free

Foccacia and Ciabatta (V, LS)
Pan-roasted lettuce with walnuts (GF, V, LS)
Dormouse in sesame and honey – chicken thighs (no eggs, GF)
Minutal Tarentinum – vegetable soup
Chickpeas with cumin, olive oil and wine (GF, V, LS)
Carrots and parsnips in wine sauce (GF, V, LS)
Porcellum Vitellianum – suckling pig/pork roast
Patina Versatilis – nut custard (GF, contains honey, eggs)
Gustum de Praecoquis – compote of early fruit (GF, V, contains honey)
Left over cheeses and nuts


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4th St Sebastian’s Archery Tourney

The Canton of Lightwood held our fourth annual St Sebastian’s archery tourney and picnic on Saturday 3rd March 2018. It was a delightful day, with a challenging archery course, a great deal of food, and enjoyable company. We had 35 archers take the field, in two individual rounds followed by a couples’ shoot. We enjoyed the company of some members of the Loxley Traditional Archers, who travelled down from the north of the Barony to join us for this event. While several are old friends, it was a pleasure to meet others who were new to attending southern events, and we hope to see them at more in the future.

Lady Lilion, Lord Anselm and Sukeyoshi

Baroness Anna scoring for THL Aiden Brock

Winner and runners up of the individual competition were Thomas Loxley (1st), THL William de Bonnay (2nd) and Gareth of Loxley (3rd). Winners of the couples’ shoot were Thomas Loxley and his lady, Guinevere Winter Marsh. It is always a great pleasure to have the inspiring skill and sportsmanship of the Loxley Archers on show at our events.


Thomas Loxley and Guinevere Winter Marsh

As part of the event, steward Lady Morwenna de Bonnay reprised the very successful Arts and Sciences competition from last year, on the theme of pies (a subject close to the heart of most Lightwoodians). There were four entries in the competition. The prize for the competition – a splendid wooden cake platter made by THL William de Bonnay for the occasion – was won by Lady Morwenna de Bonnay with her beautiful and succulent rabbit pie, with the runners up being Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora (2nd) for her chard and cheese pie, and THL Karl Faustus von Aachen (3rd) with a beef pie – also notable for being his first entry into any kind of A&S competition in 26 years in the SCA! After judging was complete, the pies were subjected to rigorous quality testing by the rest of the populace at lunchtime and pronounced worthy of their accolades.

Lady Morwenna, Lord Robert and Mechtilde stepping down

At Court, we witnessed the changeover of several offices, with Mechtilde Schuynagel stepping down as Arts and Sciences Officer, Lord Robert de Bonnay stepping down as Marshal, and Lady Morwenna de Bonnay stepping down as Constable. Lady Morwenna then stepped up as Marshal, and Lord Ranmor Argul stepped up as Constable.

The steward’s skillful management of the weather enabled us to enjoy a beautiful day on the oval with sunshine, picturesque clouds and gentle winds, and complete all the pack-up before the skies opened for a short but intense deluge approximately five minutes after everything was stowed away. The timing – as with almost everything else about the event – was excellent. Huzzah!

All photos by Lady Wenefrith Everett de Calabria

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Living History at Great Southern Gathering

The Canton was well-represented at the recent 9th Great Southern Gathering, held at Orana Scouts and Guides Camp, Roches Beach, from  29 September-2 October. Both Baroness Adelindis and the honourable Lord Karl Faustus von Aachen taught several classes across the weekend, and Nick and Tina of Lightwood and their family enriched the event with their living history encampment. Nick put on a demonstration of campfire cooking throughout the day, ultimately sharing his delicious goose stew and goose pastries (from their own homegrown and processed geese, to make the experience even more authentic) and home-brewed mead with the interested visitors. They also hosted a bardic circle around the fire on Saturday night.

The encampment was a thoroughly atmospheric addition to the collegia and tourneys of the weekend, and was thoroughly appreciated (particularly the bits involving geese and mead) by all its many visitors throughout the event.

All photos supplied by Tina Hale. Click to embiggen.

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The Canton held its midwinter event, based on the Roman Festival of Saturnalia and stewarded by THL Karl Faustus von Aachen, at Kraken Hall on June 24th. We were pleased to have the company of Baron Gilbert Purchase and Baroness Bethony Gaitskell of Krae Glas and their family for the occasion.

The Gladiatorial Games during the day were greatly entertaining (if chilly). The populace were able to buy a gladiator for the games at the initial auction, held after opening Court, and the first round of the tourney was conducted by owner’s challenge. There was much amusement provided by the audience’s ability to determine whether the victorious fighter should deal a final blow to their defeated opponent to end their suffering, or permit them to continue fighting. After the audience participation round, the tournament was decided by a round robin format, with the victor being Sir Gilbert Purchase, Baron of Krae Glas.

After the fighters had retired from the field, the next generation of Ynys Fawr’s combatants took their places for a boffer tourney, followed by a splendid melee in which a fierce lion (Lord Robert de Bonnay) was vanquished by the sheer number of his opponents – and an unexpected Knight.

images by Lady Helewyse de Bonnay – click to enlarge

The valiant children were later called up in Court and presented Baroness Adelindis filia Gotefridi with a lion skin as a memento of their brave battle. Huzzah! Also at Court, Floki Snorrason received an encouragement token, and Lord Drustin of Skye was made a member of the Order of the Golden Beacon for his excellence as an example of presentation and conduct in persona.

The evening’s feast, catered by Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora in her first (but hopefully not last!) feast in her new Barony of Ynys Fawr, featured a hearty winter’s menu based on the recipes of Apicius. Despite not being a member of the Canton, she certainly lived up to Lightwood’s motto Walk In, Waddle Home. She has kindly provided her redaction for one of her dishes below.

There was also much entertainment and gift giving in the spirit of Saturnalia. The A&S competition for the evening had two categories: a small item suitable to be given as a gift, and a poetic work to be presented to a person of higher rank. These received one entry each, with a beautiful set of wooden feasting gear presented by Lord William de Bonnay to Floki Snorrason, and an impressive poem composed in dactylic hexameter by Master Hrolf Herjolffson, and presented to Baroness Adelindis. While the categories were unable to be judged, both entrants received a token for the quality of their entries. The poetic theme was continued by several, and there were also a number of songs performed throughout the evening.

A rousing good time was had by all who attended on the day, despite the chill. Io Saturnalia!

De Re Coquinaria, Apicius
Pernae Cocturam
288 To Cook Pork Shoulder
Pernae cocturam

Ham simply cooked in water with figs is usually dressed on a platter (baking pan) sprinkled with crumbs and reduced wine, or, still better, with spiced wine and is glazed under the open flame, or with a shovel containing red-hot embers.

1 Perna is usually applied to shoulder of pork, fresh, also cured. Coxa is the hind leg, or haunch of pork, or fresh ham. Cf. note 1 to ℞ No.289.

The redaction used for Saturnalia was:

rolled shoulder of pork 3kg
white wine ~1 L
500g of dried figs
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
several fresh bay leaves
150g sultanas
fresh sage was also added

Place the pork in a roasting dish, add the wine, figs, sultanas, pepper, salt and bay leaves (sage if using). Place into a preheated oven (160 if fan forced 180 if not). Roast for several hours.  Every hour or so roll the pork over and baste with wine and cooking juices. You can then take the skin off and place it under the grill and make crispy.

– Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora


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St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic III

Photo by Tina Hale

The Canton celebrated our third St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic on February 18th. It was a fun, low-key event, in which the usual high calibre of archery in the Barony was on display. The fiendish mind of the Canton’s Captain of Archers had been hard at work to produce new targets to dismay and confound all comers, as is now traditional.

The place-getters of the archery competition were Lord Anselm da Calabria (first on 146), Thomas Loxley (140) and Lord William de Bonnay (139). Winner of the pairs shoot were Thomas Loxley and Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche (122). Congratulations to them all on a splendid showing.

In addition to the usual archery activities, this year’s picnic incorporated a new – and exceedingly popular! – Arts and Sciences competition, for medieval pies. While an excellent subject for an A&S competition in itself, the popularity undoubtedly came from the fact that the pies were distributed to the populace after the official judging was complete. The winner – and also second place getter – of the A&S competition was Lady Helewyse de Bonnay, with her spectacular blackberry pie (made from her own blackberries) taking first place, and her Tortes d’Agli (garlic pies) coming in second. Third place getter was Morwenna de Bonnay. Thanks and congratulations to all the entrants, your contributions were greatly appreciated! The trophy for the A&S competition was an ingenious and very appropriate rolling pin, made by Lord William de Bonnay.

Photos by Christine Arnold. Click on thumbnails for detail.

Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche was delighted to welcome wayfarers to the Barony, from the Canton of Burnfield in the Northern Reaches. They are pictured here (on the right) with their friends and hosts, Nicholas and Tina of Lightwood (on the left).

Photo provided by Tina Hale

Thanks and congratulations go to the Housse de Bonnay – particularly event steward Lady Morwenna de Bonnay – and their helpers for another delightful event.

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Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin photo gallery

Click on the thumbnails to embiggen.

The Day

Opening Court

Opening Court

Arts and Sciences competition entries

Helewyse     Jennifer     William

L-R: Helewyse de Bonnay, Jennifer le Dragoner de Lille, William de Bonnay

Erlendr     Morwenna     Aidan

L-R: Erlendr Tryggvason, Morwenna de Bonnay, Aidan Brock


Lady Elena Anthony’s gilded sugar paste, marzipan and pashmak (fairy floss) entry came to an unfortunate end in an untimely gust of wind, however the populace were still most appreciative of her efforts (particularly the bits they got to eat before this photo was taken).

The Feast

hall in daylight     Feasting and merriment     Feasting and merriment 2

Feast and Candelabra     Feasting and merriment 3     singing the Lightwood Anthem

Dessert course and the cutting of the cake

dessert remove     cutting the cake     birthday cake


Photos by Darren West, Eric TF Bat, Wendy Calabria and Christine Arnold  – thank you!

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Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin

On 21st November 2015 the Canton and Barony gathered at Kraken Hall, the home of the Barony of Ynys Fawr, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the creation of the Canton of Lightwood. It was a light-hearted event featuring a full day of heavy and rapier tourneys and an archery competition, an A&S competition, and an evening of feasting and entertainment.

Stewards were Helewyse and Robert de Bonnay (Christine and Bill Arnold), and Head Cook was Ursula Mariae Einhorn (Angela Garth).

Opening Court

Baron and Baroness of Ynys Fawr at Opening Court – photo by Darren West

The winners of the various competitions were as follows:

Party hat killer skirmish

Winner Jack of Lightwood (Jack Hyde)
Second place Wulfgar Jarnsida (Dan Russell)

Heavy tournament

Winner Aidan Brock (Kevin Hotson)
Second place Wulfgar Jarnsida (Dan Russell)
Third place Robert de Bonnay (Bill Arnold)

Rapier tournament

Winner Perran of Lyskyret (Peter Apted)
Second place Anselm de Calabria (Nicholas Calabria)

Archery target shoot

Winner William de Bonnay (Terry Arnold)
Second place Aidan Brock (Kevin Hotson)
Third place Morwenna de Bonnay (Jan Arnold)

Apple on the head target shoot

A very close 1 for 1 shoot out between William de Bonnay and Erlendr Tryggvason (Tully Lampasona) saw William de Bonnay take the win.

A&S competition

Winner of the overall prize for the A&S competition was Helewyse de Bonnay (Christine Arnold).
Jennifer le Dragonier de Lille (Jenni Hotson) was awarded the token for best documentation.

Further details of the A&S competition can be found here.


At Court, the changeover of the Canton’s Seneschal, Constable, Lists and A&S Officers took place. Thanks were given to Mariot de Bonnay (retiring Seneschal), Helewyse de Bonnay (retiring Constable and Lists) and Adelindis filia Gotefridi (retiring A&S Officer) for their service, and congratulations to Helewyse de Bonnay (Seneschal), Morwenna de Bonnay (Constable and Lists) and Tina of Lightwood (A&S) for stepping forward to take on these offices.

Bridget Wynter was also appointed a lady-in-waiting to Her Excellency, Baroness Madeleine de Bourgogne.

The feast

Feasting and merriment 3

Photo by Wendy Cockshaw

First Remove:
Bread Rolls/Gluten free bread rolls
Vegetarian soup
Sweet potato soup
Pea and Ham soup

Second Remove:
Platters of rice, vegetables and beans
Apricot pork
Beef Nicoise
Armenian Lamb

Third Remove:
Dessert – Hot Apple Pies (what would a Lightwood event be without apple pie?) with cream and fresh made custard
Fruit Cakes (made by Jenni Hotson)
Birthday Cake (made by Christine Arnold)

cutting the cake

Adelindis and Karl Faustus cutting the cake – photo by Christine Arnold


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The Holy City War and Feast

In February, the Canton put on a show with the Holy City War and Feast. Originally conceived of as a change from the more generic “medieval” events which Lightwood has held in the past, the Holy City was envisaged as a representation of 1000 years of Jerusalem’s history, from 600­-1600. The event was originally planned for later in February, but when the King and Queen of Lochac requested that an event be run for Their visit on the weekend of 7­-8 February, Lightwood put in a bid and the Canton was chosen to host the Royal visit to Ynys Fawr on behalf of the Barony.

During the day, we had a number of marquees set up on the oval for shade for eating, sitting, children’s entertainment, and market stalls – luckily, since the day turned out to be the equal-hottest day of summer. The Barony had taken to heart the invitation to array the site in personal heraldry, with pennants and banners making a fine sight.

market set up  royal pavilion 2

The main focus of the day was the war, between the marauding Mongol horde of the King, and the Baronial forces. Despite the valiant efforts of the defenders, fighting in the name of the last King and Queen of Lochac, Niall and Liadan, Ynys Fawr was conquered and yielded to the rule of Kinggayadai Khagan and Altani Khaligu Yeke Khatun.

the two armies meet

After we packed up the tents on the oval, it was time for Court and the feast. During Court, many awards were handed out to deserving members of the populace by both the King and Queen and the Baron and Baroness.

In the Royal Court, David de Derlington was elevated to the Order of the Silver Pegasus; Jennifer le Dragoner de Lille and William de Bonnay were both awarded the Order of the Nock; Ayla of Rona, Einarr inn kyrri Úlfsson, Guðleifr Ørrabein, Juliana de la Rose, and Ursula Mariae Einhorn received Awards of Arms; and Bridget Wynter and Gocken de Leeu were made members of the Mouse Guard.

In Baronial Court, the de Derlington Household were given the award of the Billowing Sail; William and Morwenna de Bonnay, Drusticc inigena Eddarrnonn, Karl Faustus von Aachen and Adelindis filia Gotefridi received the Garnet Anchor; Robert de Bonnay, Aidan Brock and Perran of Lyskyret the Bronze Falchion; and Thyri skjaldmær the Azure Pennon. After Court, Thyri and Einar were handfasted in Viking style by Baron Hrolf. Then the feasting began!

The Barony’s premier feast cook, Sir Guillaume d’Oze, laid on a splendid spread, a five course feast based on different periods of rulership over Jerusalem 600-1600.The courses were as follows:

Byzantine: platters of stuffed apricots, pickled olives, dolmades, soft cheeses, Ujjah (frittata/omelette), Pastifeli (honey & sesame candy); Kakavia  (fish soup); Lenticulam  (lentil and leek soup).

Caliphates: Juudhaab  (roast goat with fruit chutney and dumplings); Aruzziyyah/ Hintiyyah (barley porridge); stuffed mushrooms; Lauziinaq (marzipan fingers in a spiced syrup).

Crusaders: Cinnamon Brewett; spiced raisin bread; mixed pea and herbs; Leche Lombarde (date based gingerbread)

Mamluks and Mongols: lamb meatballs; chickpea casserole; rice pilaf; sugared fruits; Airag – (actually lassi, not fermented mare’s milk!)

Ottomans: baba ghanoush, hummus and breads; Lokhoom (Turkish delight); Baklava

He also prepared some inventive surprises, like the Golden Gate of Jerusalem made in gingerbread and filled with marzipan roses. For entertainment, there were two wonderful bellydancers in Ottoman costume who danced two sets during the feast, as well as others who sang or told stories.

gates of jerusalem filled with flowers 2  Ottoman dancers

All in all, it was a long, hot, exhausting, but fun­-filled and successful day!

Steward was Adelindis filia Gotefridi, and Head Cook was Sir Guillaume d’Oze (below left). Lunch cook was Thyri skjaldmaer; Marshal was Robert de Bonnay; Constable was Helewyse de Bonnay; and Herald, Karl Faustus von Aachen. And, of course, Housse de Bonnay, the Canton (not all included in the photo below), and the rest of the Barony pitched in with an immense amount of help and assistance, both on the day and in the lead-up to the event.

head cook & strung out steward  canton3

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That Was The Feast That Was

Lightwood had its November pot luck feast last night, and it was a lot of fun. We were missing a fair few canton members, after a nasty run of bad news and unexpected medical procedures during the week, but our numbers were supplemented somewhat by the College of St Gildas the Wise.

This was a deliberate attempt at what you might call a “lightning feast”: small scale, short notice, nothing too ambitious, just to prove that we don’t need to kill ourselves to have events. As you can see from the photo, it still looked good. It was also a lot of fun, with everyone pitching in to help.

Pay attention to this website and the Facebook group to be informed of more events. Lightwood plans to have plenty of them!

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