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A&S Project Nights are back!

Regular A&S project nights are restarting on Friday this week – 7-9:30pm at Geeveston Community Centre (GeCo), School Road, Geeveston. The current plan is to hold them on the second and fourth Fridays of the month, but depending on interest we could go back to weekly in future. We may have a group project or two in the works soon, but otherwise come along and work on personal projects.

Lady Morwenna learning how to do facings at a basic garb-making workshop

As per previous arrangements, the cost is a $2 donation which goes towards venue hire, plus the compulsory $5 non-member insurance levy (a reminder that if you aren’t a member, these levies can add up quickly – a yearly membership is only $35 so it doesn’t take long to become cost effective).

For more information, please contact our Seneschal, Lady Mariot de Bonnay (Dayle Wilkie-Livingstone).

Making boffer swords for the Canton at a previous project night

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A&S competition winners

Congratulations to Lightwood’s new Seneschal, Lady Helewyse de Bonnay (Christine Arnold), for her winning entry in the Arts and Sciences competition run in conjunction with the Feast of the St Edmunds Pippin, 21st November 2015.


Congratulations are also due to Lady Jennifer le Dragonier de Lille (Jenni Hotson) of the Barony of Ynys Fawr, who was awarded the token for best documentation.


There were seven entries in the competition, of a very high standard and across a great range of media, from sugar paste to stone-working (in fact, with three edible entries, we proved that even in Arts and Sciences competitions, Canton events follow the motto “Walk in, waddle home”). Thanks go to Lady Helewyse, Lady Jennifer, Erlendr Tryggvason, Lord William de Bonnay, Lord Aidan Brock, Lady Morwenna de Bonnay and Lady Elena Anthony for your inspiring entries! Photos of all the entries can be found here.

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Arts and Sciences Competition – Feast of the St Edmunds Pippin

There is an A&S competition being run in conjunction with Lightwood’s birthday event on November 21st, the Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin.


Entries can be in any medium, on the theme of Lightwood’s device: Quarterly gules and argent, an apple tree Or fructed gules within a laurel wreath counterchanged. They can be either something depicting the device (item of heraldic display, artistic representation, etc), or something based on an element (apple tree, apples, quarterly red and white, etc). An attempt at documentation would be appreciated by the judges but is not required for entry. Please contact the Canton’s A&S Officer Adelindis filia Gotefridi if you have any questions or for assistance with research and documentation.

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A&S demo at Judbury Crafters Group

The Barony of Ynys Fawr was invited to give a demonstration of the A&S side of SCA life by the Judbury Crafters’ Group. Organised by the Canton’s A&S officer Adelindis filia Gotefridi on behalf of the Barony, the Judbury group’s August meeting welcomed a display and presentation given by Adelindis, Anna Felice Tavestoche and Morwenna de Bonnay. We were too busy talking all things SCA to take any photographs of the wonderful display of A&S contributed by various members of the Barony for the occasion, but a gallery can be found on the Judbury Crafters’ Group blog. We all had a great time and felt very welcomed, and we hope to have inspired some of the crafters to come along to our events or meetings to find out more about medieval recreation.

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Inkle Weaving Workshops


In July, the Canton ran two workshops on inkle weaving. William de Bonnay made 12 looms, which were available as part of the workshop price. We had a great deal of interest for the workshops, and across the two days we learned to warp them correctly (a very time-consuming process), and then began learning the basics of pattern-weaving. While there were a number of people absent from the second workshop due to illness and injury, our ever-patient instructor Nick managed to instil the beginnings of understanding into the heads of those of us who were present, and has offered to remain available to help us with remedial sessions until we all get the hang of it. Going straight into pattern weaving may have been a steep early learning curve for most of us, but the results we were beginning to get by the end of the workshops were definitely encouraging.

Thanks go to William de Bonnay, Nick Hale, and our wonderful venue the Geeveston Community Centre, for some very enjoyable workshops, and hopefully a new skill and hobby for all of us.

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Byzantine Garb Links for the Feast of the Holy Icon of the Mother of God of Proussa

Garb links for anyone interested in making Byzantine garb for the feast on 22nd August.

With a wealth of very dense information and descriptions of dress from 11th-15th century, Chapter Two “Official and Aristocratic Clothing” in Reconstructing the Reality of Images: Byzantine Material Culture and Religious Iconography 11th-15th Centuries by Maria Parani is really valuable. Unfortunately the Google preview does not give access to the images referenced, but there is enough information given to make it easier to figure out what you’re looking for when looking at artworks on other sites. Timothy Dawson’s Levantia website (go to Clothing, then to start with read the asterisked link on why he uses Roman rather than Byzantine – new perspective for me!) is also very scholarly, although somewhat frustratingly short. There are some useful reconstructions pictured, which is helpful.

A reconstruction of an extant tunic, with a pattern.

With reference to the more scholarly works above, these are also potentially useful sites and contain lots of images and some (conjectured) patterns:

Handout on 11th Century Byzantine Clothing Construction by Lady Ariadne Karbonopsina (2013).

Some older references:

Byzantine Garb Basics – Anna’s Rome.

Byzantine Clothing Info – Black Tauna.

I will be adding to these links as I do more research, so keep checking back.


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A&S winter update

With the seasonal halt to archery giving us some extra Saturdays for A&S, we have lots of activities planned for winter, starting with two inkle weaving workshops in July, and a spinners’ meet currently in the planning stage.

inkle loom

photo by Tina Hale

The inkle weaving workshops, planned for the 11th and 25th of July, will see attendees taking home their own inkle looms, modelled on the one above and made by Lord William de Bonnay (Terry Arnold). Over the two workshops, to be taught by Nick Hale, we will be learning to warp them up, plan our designs, and weave on them.

We have also been invited to give an A&S demo at the Judbury craft group in August.

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Near Eastern Garb Links for The Holy City event

For those interested in making new garb in keeping with the theme of the Holy City event in February, here are some links to get you started. This will more than likely be updated so check back from time to time…


These links to the pan-Islamic style of tunic, pants and wrap provides everything you need to create a basic outfit and elaborate it to whatever state desired.Kalila_and_Dimna-14C-Arabe3465-130v man and woman

Urban Middle Eastern clothing layers, an overview by Samia.

Middle Eastern (Fatimid) man’s garb, by Samia.

Medieval Islamic Women’s Undergarments, by Samia.

Medieval Islamic cloak-type wraps, by Samia.

Stepping Out: Headwear and mantles in Egyptian and western Arabic dress in the fifth to seventh centuries after the Hijra (late 10th to thirteenth centuries c.e.) by Timothy Dawson.

Method for tying a turban, video by Timothy Dawson.

Discussion of tiraz textiles and ornamental script in Islamic medieval dress (PDF).

Images of Early 12th century Syrian garb, compiled by Urtatim.


Turkish clothing, from the 12th century CE on.

Seljuk Male Clothing, by Timothy Dawson.

Seljuk Female Clothing, by Timothy Dawson.

codvind-palace_women14th century Persian kamiz pattern (similar to the qamis).

Ottoman Female Clothing, by Urtatim

Ottoman links, by Urtatim.

Mistress Ari Usni’s 15th and 16th Turkish clothing patterns (PDF).

Asim’s Ottoman patterns.

Commercial patterns for 16th century Ottoman men’s and women’s garb and accessories, available for purchase from Reconstructing History.


Mongol garb (a lot of this is quite old, so if anyone knows of more current links I would love to know about them).

Rashid’s Mongol coat pattern (gif format).mongol-khan-hulagu

The Red Kaganate – many links on Mongol clothing including some patterns.

Archived copy of Mongolian Clothing for Men and Women by Linda Krecker-Schkred (this is a link to the Wayback machine, so you may need to refresh this or reload it if it comes up with the message “Oops, something went wrong”).

Making Mongolian Garb – chiefly useful for the links at the bottom.



A compilation of garb links from many times and places within our period, by Miriam bat Shimeon.


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Arts and Sciences Workshops

This year so far the Canton has run four successful A&S workshops, with presenters from the Barony and Canton generously offering to share their knowledge and skills. Thanks go to Drusticc Inigena Eddarrnonn, Baroness Madeleine de Bourgogne and Thyri skjaldmaer for workshops on the following topics:

  • How to Enter an Arts and Sciences Competition (Drusticc)
  • Basic Pattern Drafting (Baroness Madeleine)
  • Medieval Eye for the Modern Guy: the Medieval Aesthetic (Baroness Madeleine)
  • Largesse-making (Thyri)

In August, Thyri will be holding a workshop on silk banner painting.

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Arts and Sciences Competition – Winter

After the success of the competition held at our Harvest Feast, the Canton is running our second A&S competition on a seasonal theme. The theme is Winter, in any medium, and it will be judged at the Tournament of St Victor, to be held on August 23rd at Surges Bay. Documentation is strongly encouraged: information on how to approach research and documentation can be found here.

Entries from people who are unable to attend the event are still welcome, please contact me on to organise.

And congratulations to Mairead de Vere (mka Kelfae Flowers) for her stunning entry which won both the judges and people’s choice awards at the Harvest feast.

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