Feast of St Wenceslaus

2013-08-24 17.32.48After the huge response to the Spring Festival, we’ve decided to promote our next imot on the 28th of September from mere meeting to a fully-fledged pot-luck feast.

The usual venue for our monthly pot-luck feasts is the Geeveston Community Centre (GeCo), but given the number of people who’ve said they might come along, we’re upgrading to the nearby Geeveston Community Hall, on Brady Street down from the hardware store.  After discovering once again how much of a crowd we can draw with a bit of sword-on-shield action, we’ll have the lads in armour and a bit of fighter training going on beforehand.

The feast is named in honour of St Wenceslaus, the one from the Christmas song, because his feast day happens to be on the 28th of September.

If you want to come along, it’s only $4 for adults and free for under-18s, though there’s a $5 per head insurance surcharge for non-members.  You need to bring a dish to share in medieval style, and as usual you need medieval clothes (garb) and something to eat off and with (feasting gear).  Contact the hospitaller for more information about that, or check out our shiny new Newcomer’s page here on the website.

Summarised details:

Feast of St Wenceslaus
5-8pm Saturday 28 September 2013
Geeveston Community Hall, Brady St, Geeveston
Prices: $9 adult non-members,$4 adult members, $5 under-18 non-members, under-18 members free.
Bring: a dish to share, medieval garb, feasting gear, all your friends.
Bookings and information: Eric, 6297 9959, newcomers@lightwood.lochac.sca.org