Tony is still working on his name, but today at the imot he had a big win. Would you believe, in the Viking-obsessed SCA, that it’s still possible to have a boat on a field of white and blue? I certainly didn’t, which is why I checked very thoroughly indeed, but it seems it’s true. Provided the boat is purple (all the other tinctures were taken) it’s clear. The boat could even be centred, half on the white and half on the blue, but this design is clearer and Tony prefers it, so there we go!

The blazon is Per fess argent and azure, in chief a long ship purpure.

For his name, Tony is thinking of something Viking, of course, and that’s lucky, because there are a lot of resources. Male Viking names fit one of two forms: first-name father’s-nameson, or first-name nickname. Examples off the top of my head include our founding baron Hrolf Herjolfssen for the first pattern, and a polite Rowanite of my acquaintance Magnus þegjandi (þegjandi, pronounced /theg-YAN-dee/, means “quiet”).

So we start by looking in the Scandinavian section of the Medieval Names Archive. Read the guide to producing names, and then pick a given name and possibly a nickname, and we’re laughing.

There are other resources there, of course, but that’s an excellent start.

Sadly, before he could get any further, Tony had a change in his family circumstances that led him away from the SCA, and he never did get any further. Ah well!