Past Events

A list of past events, presented in reverse chronological order. Many of these are links to blog posts describing the events, however this list is currently sadly incomplete! If you have an event write-up or photographs of past events to contribute, please contact the Webminister.

The Feast of St Genesius [25 August 2018]

Saturnalia II [9 June 2018]

St Sebastian’s IX [3 March 2018]

Lightwood’s Sixth Birthday [25 November 2017]

The Canton at Great Southern Gathering XI [October 2017]

Saturnalia I [24 June 2017]

St Sebastian’s III [18 February 2017]

Lightwood’s 5th Birthday – second day of Baronial Investiture weekend [20 November 2016]

Feast of St Audax [9 July 2016]

St Sebastian’s II [12 March 2016]

Archery and Christmas Potluck Picnic [19 December 2015]

Lightwood’s Fourth Birthday, the Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin: event write-up and photo gallery [15th November 2015]

Tourney and Feast of the Holy Icon of the Mother of God of Prusa [22 August  2015]

St Sebastian’s Archery Tournament and Picnic [28 March 2015]

The Holy City War and Feast [7 February 2015]

St Radbod’s Day Archery Tourney and Picnic [29 November 2014]

Feast of St Victor and Winter Tourney [23 August 2014]

Harvest Feast and Tourney [31 May 2014]

Twilight Picnic for the Martyrs [22 February 2014]