Canton Heraldry

Having been co-founded by an enthusiastic Herald, the Canton of Lightwood naturally has a high proportion of members with registered names and heraldry.  As a service to others, we provide here as much information as possible about each of the registrations.  With this, you should be able to find out useful facts like:

  • what is involved in getting a name and armory registered;
  • what standard of documentation is sufficient to get a name passed; and
  • how long it typically takes for a submission to be registered.

The registrations are listed here.  Submissions still in progress are in parentheses (like this):

Adelindis filia Gotefridi ★ Bridget Wynter ★ Drake de Bonnay ★ Gocken de Leeu ★ Guðleifr ørrabein ★ Guillaume de Oze ★ Helewyse de Bonnay ★ (Hendrick van der Poert) ★ Housse de Bonnay ★ Karl Faustus von Aachen ★ Kataryna de Bonnay ★ Lightwood ★ Mariot de Bonnay ★ Morwenna de Bonnay ★ Nerienda of Farleigh ★ Orbei Qorchi ★ Qutham Khâmûsh ★ Robert de Bonnay ★ Talia de Bonnay ★ Tobias Shevington ★ Ursula Mariae Einhorn ★ William de Bonnay