If you’ve ever attended any kind of SCA event, you’ll find a lot of jargon and mysterious language: seneschal! Lochac! Feastocrat! GSG! Pointy hats! Really, it’s no different than any other little social group, but it does help to have a dictionary. This is that.


The Known World The whole SCA in Australia, NZ, the USA, Canada, Europe, SE Asia and assorted other places
Lochac LOCK-ahk The kingdom comprising Australia, New Zealand and parts of Antarctica. Part of the Known World
Ynys Fawr INN-iss FOR The barony encompassing all of Tasmania. Part of Lochac.
Lightwood The canton covering the Huon Valley. Part of Ynys Fawr.
Rowany The barony in Sydney.
Stormhold The barony in north and west Melbourne.
Kraé Glas KRAY GLASS The barony in south-east Melbourne.
Innilgard IN-il-gard The barony in Adelaide.
Southron Gaard SUTH-ron GARD The barony in Christchurch, New Zealand

For other group names, see the localities list. There are baronies, shires, cantons and colleges all over Australia and New Zealand, as well as in other kingdoms and principalities in the whole rest of the Known World.


Baron and Baroness (or Baroness and Baroness) The ceremonial heads of a barony.  Elected by the group’s inhabitants, they typically serve in the role for around 3-5 years, sometimes longer. In AS LI (2016), Ynys Fawr became the first Barony in Lochac to have two Baronesses.
Seneschal SEN-eh-shal A group’s president, meeting chairperson and first contact for any legal matters.
Reeve A group’s treasurer. Keeps track of the financial stuff.
Herald A member of the kingdom-wide College of Heralds, in charge of making announcements and helping people to register names and arms (ie “coats of arms”)
Marshal The officer in charge of all armed combat in the group.
Rapier Marshal The Marshal’s deputy, in charge of fencing.
Archery Marshal The Marshal’s deputy, in charge of archery.
Chirurgeon kih-RER-jun The group’s medical officer.
A&S Minister The officer who encourages the study of medieval arts and sciences in the group.
Constable The group officer in charge of event safety, sign-in, etc
Hospitaller The publicity officer for the group, and first contact for newcomers. Alternatively known as Chatelaine.
Crux Australis The boss Herald for the whole kingdom. This office has been held by a member of Lightwood.
Knight Someone who attained a peerage (the Order of the Chivalry) through great skill at swordfighting, and also for their courtesy and chivalrous behaviour.
Pelican Someone who attained a peerage (the Order of the Pelican) for their dedicated service.
Laurel Someone who attained a peerage (the Order of the Laurel) for their skill at arts and sciences.
Man at Arms The student of a knight.  May one day become a squire.
Squire The more advanced student of a knight.
Protegé A Pelican’s student.
Apprentice A Laurel’s student.


AOA  Award of Arms, an award given by royalty to people who have shown themselves to be valued participants in the SCA.
A&S  Arts and Sciences: the study of medieval and renaissance occupations and pastimes.
B&B  Baron and Baroness/Baroness and Baroness (see above).
GSG  Great Southern Gathering: a camping event held annually, cycling between Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.
OP  Order of Precedence: the list of all awards received by anyone in the kingdom.

More to come later…

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