Guðleifr ørrabein

Jayson wanted a good Viking name, and after browsing through the Landnamabok he found Guðleifr.  The nickname ørrabein  means scar-leg, also in the Landnamabok.  I’d pronounce the resulting name /GOOD-lay-fer OO-ra-bayn/, except the d is actually the “th” in “this” and “that”, and I’m guessing about the ø.


Tony is still working on his name, but today at the imot he had a big win. Would you believe, in the Viking-obsessed SCA, that it’s still possible to have a boat on a field of white and blue? I certainly didn’t, which is why I checked very thoroughly indeed, but it seems it’s true. Provided the boat is purple (all the other tinctures were taken) it’s clear. The boat could even be centred, half on the white and half on the blue, but this design is clearer and Tony prefers it, so there we go!


Libby wanted something reminiscent of her star sapphire ring, but her first try, Argent, on a cartouche azure a compass star elongated to base argent, conflicts with a 1996 registration, and the similar version with a purple cartouche also conflicts with something.


Jan’s first go at a device was Quarterly Or and purpure, an owl argent maintaining in its claws an emerald vert. I had a look in the Ordinary and Armorial, the walloping great database of all heraldic registrations in the SCA, and discovered that this one is in conflict with some existing registrations, so Jan went on to redesign it. I’m putting the full detective story here so people can see the heraldic process in practice.