St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic III

Photo by Tina Hale

The Canton celebrated our third St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic on February 18th. It was a fun, low-key event, in which the usual high calibre of archery in the Barony was on display. The fiendish mind of the Canton’s Captain of Archers had been hard at work to produce new targets to dismay and confound all comers, as is now traditional.

The place-getters of the archery competition were Lord Anselm da Calabria (first on 146), Thomas Loxley (140) and Lord William de Bonnay (139). Winner of the pairs shoot were Thomas Loxley and Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche (122). Congratulations to them all on a splendid showing.

In addition to the usual archery activities, this year’s picnic incorporated a new – and exceedingly popular! – Arts and Sciences competition, for medieval pies. While an excellent subject for an A&S competition in itself, the popularity undoubtedly came from the fact that the pies were distributed to the populace after the official judging was complete. The winner – and also second place getter – of the A&S competition was Lady Helewyse de Bonnay, with her spectacular blackberry pie (made from her own blackberries) taking first place, and her Tortes d’Agli (garlic pies) coming in second. Third place getter was Morwenna de Bonnay. Thanks and congratulations to all the entrants, your contributions were greatly appreciated! The trophy for the A&S competition was an ingenious and very appropriate rolling pin, made by Lord William de Bonnay.

Photos by Christine Arnold. Click on thumbnails for detail.

Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche was delighted to welcome wayfarers to the Barony, from the Canton of Burnfield in the Northern Reaches. They are pictured here (on the right) with their friends and hosts, Nicholas and Tina of Lightwood (on the left).

Photo provided by Tina Hale

Thanks and congratulations go to the Housse de Bonnay – particularly event steward Lady Morwenna de Bonnay – and their helpers for another delightful event.

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UPDATE: Canton Day, November

Alas, the weather is not co-operating, and Canton Day has been cancelled for November. Check back here for details on our next archery practice.

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Canton Day, November

Welcome to people finding us from the the Blossom Festival display at GeCo today! If you are interested in finding out more about us and what we do, why not come along to our next Canton Day? Held on Saturday 5th November, at Surges Bay oval, we will be getting together for a relaxed day of archery practice, BBQ lunch and socialising. Set up is between 11:30-12pm, and practice usually winds up around 3pm. We will be in garb, but don’t worry if you don’t have anything to wear – our Hospitaller will have something available if you want to get into the spirit of the thing.


Children are welcome to participate in archery from the age of about five (or when they are old enough to hold the bow safely and take direction from our archery Marshals).

To participate in the archery, all non-members, of any age, will need to pay a $5 insurance surcharge, which makes you members for the duration of the event and thus covered by our policy. If you want to come more regularly, a yearly SCA membership is $35 per adult, and any number of children can be added to an adult membership for free. A gold coin donation per adult towards the Canton’s expenses is also appreciated, but not required.

10476398_658777790883145_3494990831613981726_nArchery is always subject to the vagaries of the weather, of course, so if it looks doubtful due to wind or rain, the best way to confirm whether or not it will be going ahead for the day is checking the Canton of Lightwood’s Facebook group, where any cancellation will be advised before 11am, or by calling the Captain of Archers.

For more information on archery in the Canton, please contact the Captain of Archers, Lord William de Bonnay (Terry Arnold), on (03) 6297 1083. For more information on the Canton, you can talk to our Hospitaller, Lady Morwenna de Bonnay (Jan Arnold), at hospitaller@lightwood.lochac.sca.org or (03) 6297 1083. We hope to see you at an event soon!



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Archery is back!

The Canton kicked off archery practice for the season with a well-attended session at Surges Bay oval today.

canton-archers canton-archers-2

Archery practice happens every fortnight (please check the calendar for exact dates) from 11:30 (set-up) to around 3pm. Anyone can come and have a go, you just need to sign an event membership and pay an indemnity for the day so that you are covered by insurance. Children are welcome to participate from the age of about 5, under parental supervision. For more details, see our page on Archery, or contact our Captain of Archers, Lord William de Bonnay, on 6297 1083.

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Sheffield Medieval Festival

The Canton sent a goodly contingent of members to the Sheffield Medieval Festival this year, to help represent the Barony. The stalwart de Bonnay family also lent their aid to the Loxley Archers group in the running of the archery display. Despite the rain and wind it was a great event, with lots of interested souls braving the weather to come and see what is on offer in the medieval world in Tasmania.

canton-sheffield-stallCanton Deputy Seneschal Lady Mariot de Bonnay, Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen, and minstrel Bridget Wynter at the stall on Saturday

A great photo of Canton Captain of Archers Lord William de Bonnay, captured in action, was also included in the ABC News Online’s excellent story on the Festival (near the end).

We look forward to returning next year to enjoy the hospitality of the Festival’s organisers, the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar Tasmania – OSMTJ.

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Geeveston Christmas Pageant

The Canton made its usual show in the Geeveston Christmas Pageant on December 11. Luckily the rain held off for the parade, although the carols in the park were not so fortunate.

Photos by the Geeveston Gazette (used with permission). Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

xmas parade 1 xmas parade 8
xmas parade 6 xmas parade 2
xmas parade 4 xmas parade 3
xmas parade 5 xmas parade 7

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Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin photo gallery

Click on the thumbnails to embiggen.

The Day

Opening Court

Opening Court

Arts and Sciences competition entries

Helewyse     Jennifer     William

L-R: Helewyse de Bonnay, Jennifer le Dragoner de Lille, William de Bonnay

Erlendr     Morwenna     Aidan

L-R: Erlendr Tryggvason, Morwenna de Bonnay, Aidan Brock


Lady Elena Anthony’s gilded sugar paste, marzipan and pashmak (fairy floss) entry came to an unfortunate end in an untimely gust of wind, however the populace were still most appreciative of her efforts (particularly the bits they got to eat before this photo was taken).

The Feast

hall in daylight     Feasting and merriment     Feasting and merriment 2

Feast and Candelabra     Feasting and merriment 3     singing the Lightwood Anthem

Dessert course and the cutting of the cake

dessert remove     cutting the cake     birthday cake


Photos by Darren West, Eric TF Bat, Wendy Calabria and Christine Arnold  – thank you!

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Byzantine Garb Links for the Feast of the Holy Icon of the Mother of God of Proussa

Garb links for anyone interested in making Byzantine garb for the feast on 22nd August.

With a wealth of very dense information and descriptions of dress from 11th-15th century, Chapter Two “Official and Aristocratic Clothing” in Reconstructing the Reality of Images: Byzantine Material Culture and Religious Iconography 11th-15th Centuries by Maria Parani is really valuable. Unfortunately the Google preview does not give access to the images referenced, but there is enough information given to make it easier to figure out what you’re looking for when looking at artworks on other sites. Timothy Dawson’s Levantia website (go to Clothing, then to start with read the asterisked link on why he uses Roman rather than Byzantine – new perspective for me!) is also very scholarly, although somewhat frustratingly short. There are some useful reconstructions pictured, which is helpful.

A reconstruction of an extant tunic, with a pattern.

With reference to the more scholarly works above, these are also potentially useful sites and contain lots of images and some (conjectured) patterns:

Handout on 11th Century Byzantine Clothing Construction by Lady Ariadne Karbonopsina (2013).

Some older references:

Byzantine Garb Basics – Anna’s Rome.

Byzantine Clothing Info – Black Tauna.

I will be adding to these links as I do more research, so keep checking back.


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Spring Into Spring

The Spring Festival is today, and the canton of Lightwood will be wandering about in the sunshine, telling people about the strange alternate world they’re living in without even noticing it…
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Pot Luck Feast and Tourney

If you’ve been following the Lightwood Facebook Group, you may already know about the upcoming Tournament and Feast on Saturday the 24th of August. For experienced SCAers it’s all familiar territory, but what if you’re a newcomer who’s just wandered in and you want to know what’s going on? I’m glad you asked!
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