The officers of the canton are the members who do the work of keeping the group running.  Well, except for all the other members who do plenty of work too.

If you’re looking for a phone contact, the Seneschal is your best bet: email Baron Karl (Paul) and he’ll put you in touch with the right person.  You can phone him on (03) 6297 9959 if you prefer.

Office Description Holder Legal Name
Seneschal Group president, meeting chair, first point of contact in the group for any official queries from outside. Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen Paul Sleigh
Reeve Group treasurer Disa of Lightwood Jemma Sweeney
Herald Announcements, names and coats of arms Matsutani no Kintaro Sukeyoshi  Alex Radford
Marshal In charge of all combat activities. Lady Morwenna de Bonnay  Jan Arnold
Arts & Sciences Minister Non-combat-related pursuits Vacant
Captain of Archers In charge of all target and combat archery Lord William de Bonnay  Terry Arnold
Constable Safety and insurance records Lord Ranmor Argul  Hammish Livingston
Hospitaller Publicity and first contact for newcomers Vacant
Web Minister Website, email and Facebook group Vacant