Lightwood’s Sixth Birthday

Archers line up.

Lightwood celebrated our sixth birthday with a lovely, relaxed archery tourney and potluck picnic on November 25th. The weather blessed us with a perfectly-timed break between unpleasantly hot and windy and thunderstorms, which meant that we had just the right conditions for the event and the heavens opened as everyone had finished packing up and was leaving site.

Baroness Anna (left) and Baroness Adelindis prepare to cut the birthday cake.

The winners of the archery tourney were THL William de Bonnay (first), Lady Jennifer Dragoner de Lille (second) and Lady Morwenna de Bonnay (third). Huzzah!

Lord Floki Snorrason shows off an excellent shot. Photo by Lady Helewyse de Bonnay.

Thanks go to Lady Mariot de Bonnay who stewarded the event, Lady Helewyse de Bonnay for providing the cake, and to Lord William and Lady Morwenna de Bonnay for organising the archery.

Steward Lady Mariot de Bonnay (left) and Archery Marshal Lady Morwenna de Bonnay

Photos by Lady Helewyse de Bonnay and Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen.