Lightwood has traditionally been the home of archery in the Barony, although the Plague has reduced our activity.  There is still archery going on every Sunday at Kraken Hall and we remain on good terms with the local archery club based out of Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Ground (see the map), which spun out of Lightwood a little while ago.

If you’d like to do some archery, we can definitely hook you up with equipment and teachers.  Kids can join in from a young age, and the cost is generally low depending on whether it’s done through the Barony, the Canton or the club.

The Barony’s weekly archery practice on Sundays generally starts from 11am at Kraken Hall, the group’s home at the Showgrounds, and newcomers are always welcome. Please go to the Barony’s calendar for more information on southern fighter and archery training, or check out the Barony’s Facebook page for any last minute changes.