Arts & Sciences

gates of jerusalem filled with flowers 2Arts and Sciences covers a huge range of what makes the SCA what it is. From the moment you start participating in SCA activities, you’re beginning to immerse yourself in A&S – perhaps by making your first piece of garb, cooking your first potluck feast dish from a period recipe, starting to learn about armouring in pursuit of your interest in combat, or performing a piece of music at an event. You may have a hobby, skill or interest already which you can explore in a medieval context, or perhaps there’s something you’ve always been intrigued by but haven’t had a chance to try. From archery to applique, brewing to blacksmithing, choral singing to calligraphy, there is something for everyone. However obscure your interest, if it was done in our period and is not illegal or unethical today, there will be someone in the modern SCA who is pursuing it!

inkle loomArts and Sciences project nights are run on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at GeCo from 7pm. This is a casual, non-garbed activity where people bring along their personal projects to work on or to get assistance from more experienced members. Group projects such as the Canton banners and tabards are often worked on in these sessions.

We also run occasional workshops on topics of interest to Canton members, where teachers from the local group or broader Barony share their skills and knowledge. Workshops run so far include topics such as basic T-tunic construction; how to enter an Arts and Sciences competition (ie. research and documentation skills); basic pattern drafting; the Medieval Aesthetic; largesse-making; silk banner painting; and inkle weaving.

maihread de vere winning entryThe Arts and Sciences Minister also promotes participation in Baronial and Kingdom Arts and Sciences competitions and organises A&S competitions in conjunction with Canton events, to show off the undoubted talents of the Lightwood populace and to encourage skills in research and documentation. (pictured: winning entry by Maihread de Vere, Harvest Feast, May 2014 ).

The office of A&S Minister is currently vacant. For more information about Friday night A&S meetings, contact the organiser, Baroness Adelindis.