Camping Events

The premier camping event in Lochac is of course Rowany Festival, held over the Easter weekend in the Barony of Rowany. The Canton sends the occasional delegation north to brave the kraken-infested waters, enjoy the splendor and pageantry, and bring back news of the wider Known World.

For those not wayfaring north, the Canton has in the past held the Lightwood Alternative Very Informal Totally Simplified Easter Festivity, or LAVITSEF. A quirky alternative to Festival for people who can’t travel as far as Rowany, but can manage the trip to our favourite venue at Surges Bay Hall. The first and so far only such festival, held in 2013, featured camping Friday and Saturday nights, with a soup kitchen Friday night, catered Feast Saturday, and hot breakfasts Saturday and Sunday mornings. Archery, collegia and activities were held on Friday and Saturday and a Bardic Circle on Saturday night. There was entertainment aplenty for the children, including an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday morning, and general good fun for all.

These days, we do have members who enjoy camping with their more historically accurate set-up, so more camping events may be a possibility in future.