Inkle Weaving Workshops

DSC_0199In July, the Canton ran two workshops on inkle weaving. William de Bonnay made 12 looms, which were available as part of the workshop price. We had a great deal of interest for the workshops, and across the two days we learned to warp them correctly (a very time-consuming process), and then began learning the basics of pattern-weaving. While there were a number of people absent from the second workshop due to illness and injury, our ever-patient instructor Nick managed to instil the beginnings of understanding into the heads of those of us who were present, and has offered to remain available to help us with remedial sessions until we all get the hang of it. Going straight into pattern weaving may have been a steep early learning curve for most of us, but the results we were beginning to get by the end of the workshops were definitely encouraging.

Thanks go to William de Bonnay, Nick Hale, and our wonderful venue the Geeveston Community Centre, for some very enjoyable workshops, and hopefully a new skill and hobby for all of us.