Byzantine Garb Links for the Feast of the Holy Icon of the Mother of God of Proussa

Garb links for anyone interested in making Byzantine garb for the feast on 22nd August.

With a wealth of very dense information and descriptions of dress from 11th-15th century, Chapter Two “Official and Aristocratic Clothing” in Reconstructing the Reality of Images: Byzantine Material Culture and Religious Iconography 11th-15th Centuries by Maria Parani is really valuable. Unfortunately the Google preview does not give access to the images referenced, but there is enough information given to make it easier to figure out what you’re looking for when looking at artworks on other sites. Timothy Dawson’s Levantia website (go to Clothing, then to start with read the asterisked link on why he uses Roman rather than Byzantine – new perspective for me!) is also very scholarly, although somewhat frustratingly short. There are some useful reconstructions pictured, which is helpful.

A reconstruction of an extant tunic, with a pattern.

With reference to the more scholarly works above, these are also potentially useful sites and contain lots of images and some (conjectured) patterns:

Handout on 11th Century Byzantine Clothing Construction by Lady Ariadne Karbonopsina (2013).

Some older references:

Byzantine Garb Basics – Anna’s Rome.

Byzantine Clothing Info – Black Tauna.

I will be adding to these links as I do more research, so keep checking back.