Guðleifr ørrabein

Jayson wanted a good Viking name, and after browsing through the Landnamabok he found Guðleifr.  The nickname ørrabein  means scar-leg, also in the Landnamabok.  I’d pronounce the resulting name /GOOD-lay-fer OO-ra-bayn/, except the d is actually the “th” in “this” and “that”, and I’m guessing about the ø.

Lightwood goes to the Kempton Festival

Our friends from Loxley Archers signed up to provide some Come & Try archery for The Kempton Festival on Sunday the 17th of February, so naturally the Canton had to go along and help out.  It may be a couple of hours away, but compared to Thomas and Guinevere’s drive from Burnie it’s practically next door. In attendance from the Canton were William, Morwenna, Mariot, Ranmor and Talia from Housse de Bonnay, and Karl and Gocken (pictured) from Old Briar Farm. The Festival was moderately well attended, or very well attended if you count the sheep as well as the …

St Sebastians V Archery Tournament and Picnic: 30 March (new date)

NOTE: event postponed due to fire danger. New date is Saturday 30 March. Join the Canton of Lightwood in celebrating our fifth annual Saint Sebastian’s Archery Tournament and Picnic. Held at the Surges Bay Recreation Ground, there will be an archery tourney, including a couples’ shoot, a supplemented pot luck picnic lunch and an Arts & Sciences competition on the theme of PIES! Location: Surges Bay Recreation Ground, Esperance Coast Road, Surges Bay. Date and time: Saturday 30 March 2019 from 10am to 4pm. Price: Adults and under 18: $5. Under 12: free. Non-members add $5 per person. Bookings: by …

Io Saturnalia!

The Romans used to say IO SATURNALIA, which means something like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” but with less shopping frenzy and more togas*.  So: io Saturnalia to you! Saturnalia will be held on Saturday 9 June at Glen Huon Hall, Glen Huon — see the map over there to the right. It will start at 2pm with a pot-luck afternoon tea and many imperial entertainments.  There will be games, for people who want to sit and relax! Dancing, taught by Baroness Jehanne, for people who want to get a bit of energy out! Songs and stories, performed by the …

Blogging for Officers

Hello All I am setting up blogging on our website for all Canton officers, you will receive a link to follow and activate your blogging account. I will follow up at our next gathering with some step by step foolproof screenshots on how to post a blog, yes even the constable can follow without making a mistake 🙂 YIS Ursula Mariae Einhorn

Spring Into Spring

The Spring Festival is today, and the canton of Lightwood will be wandering about in the sunshine, telling people about the strange alternate world they’re living in without even noticing it…

Pot Luck Feast and Tourney

If you’ve been following the Lightwood Facebook Group, you may already know about the upcoming Tournament and Feast on Saturday the 24th of August. For experienced SCAers it’s all familiar territory, but what if you’re a newcomer who’s just wandered in and you want to know what’s going on? I’m glad you asked!