Blogging for Officers

Hello All I am setting up blogging on our website for all Canton officers, you will receive a link to follow and activate your blogging account. I will follow up at our next gathering with some step by step foolproof screenshots on how to post a blog, yes even the constable can follow without making a mistake ūüôā YIS Ursula Mariae Einhorn

Spring Into Spring

The Spring Festival is today, and the canton of Lightwood will be wandering about in the sunshine, telling people about the strange alternate world they’re living in without even noticing it…

Pot Luck Feast and Tourney

If you’ve been following the Lightwood Facebook Group, you may already know about the upcoming Tournament and Feast on Saturday the 24th of August. For experienced SCAers it’s all familiar territory, but what if you’re a newcomer who’s just wandered in and you want to know what’s going on? I’m glad you asked!

That Was The Feast That Was

Lightwood had its November pot luck feast last night, and it was a lot of fun. We were missing a fair few canton members, after a nasty run of bad news and unexpected medical procedures during the week, but our numbers were supplemented somewhat by the College of St Gildas the Wise. This was a deliberate attempt at what you might call a “lightning feast”: small scale, short notice, nothing too ambitious, just to prove that we don’t need to kill ourselves to have events. As you can see from the photo, it still looked good. It was also a …

How To Attend A Pot-Luck Feast

For a lot of Lightwoodians, the pot-luck feast next weekend is going to be the first actual SCA event they’ll attend.¬† We’ve had our imots for a while, but they’re more for discussion and planning; if an SCA event is a movie, an imot is the a review in a newspaper.¬† Now it’s time for the main event… so what do you need to know? What To Bring For any SCA event you need garb and feasting gear.¬† For pot-luck events, you also need some food to share. ¬†And because this particular feast is at the home of the canton’s …

Money Money Money

The changes to Australia’s insurance laws over the last little while have finally started biting us in the SCA in a special way, and one of the results is… a sharp increase in the number of members! How did that happen? It’s very simple. The SCA in Australia has a new contract with its insurers, Nosferatu Bathory Dracula and Associates. Under the rules, signed in a suspiciously reddish-coloured ink on the contract, we have to remit five dollars to the insurer for every non-member who attends an SCA event. By “non-member”, they mean anyone, regardless of age. A pregnant woman …


The canton put in a bid to run the baronial investiture on the weekend of 20-21 October, and we got it! So now we’re doing the headless chook dance and organising everything. We are very lucky indeed to have no less a personage than Sir Oz, officially Sir Guillaume d’Oze, Ynys Fawr’s only (actively playing) member of the chivalry, on board as tourney steward and adviser to the cooks. We also have the support of the whole barony and a couple of really lovely venues for the event. Read all about it on the Baronial Investiture pages!

The End of the Proposal

UPDATE: The news is more complicated than that.¬† The rules have changed, and all the names are now different.¬† Under the new rules, we are now proposed, which is a step up from the initial state of unofficial.¬† When we get our heraldry registered, we will finally be incipient. So it’s all very silly, but the good news is that at least we’re progressing… in one direction or another. I bear some solemn news.¬† The proposed canton of Lightwood is no more. Yes, it’s true.¬† Tonight, in court, the news was handed down: we are now the incipient canton of …

The Dreaded Lurgi

Ages later, I can report that our tourney and feast were quite successful indeed. I would have reported here immediately, but the very next morning I came down with the same hideous Lurgi that has afflicted my whole household, and between that and several other demands on my under-powered brain, everything else fell by the wayside. Not to worry! Feeling much better now, although the cough persists, and we’re kicking the Medieval Mayhem into gear. Stay tuned for news about that, coming thick and fast!