New Activities in 2013

The Canton of Lightwood has added a couple of regular activities to the calendar in 2013. Regular fighter training, run by canton marshal Sir Guillaume d’Oze, is now held every Wednesday at 5:30 in Rotary Park, Huonville. Sir Guillaume has been offering instruction in rapier and heavy fighting to several members. But if fighting isn’t your Thing, it’s also an excellent social opportunity to bring along projects, have a chat, and some weeks, share a meal in the BBQ shelter. Training is usually mundane clothes, but for a bit of extra visibility we will occasionally be appearing en masse in garb.

Lord Robert vs the Little PeopleArchery training looks like it will finally be a regular part of the canton’s schedule this year, with our first meet planned for March 9th at Surges Bay oval. It will be held on alternate Saturdays to the Imot, although slightly earlier in the day, between 12-3 to catch the light. We are still working on accumulating equipment for the canton, but have made progress towards that goal with our first Arts and Sciences workshop for the year, on fletching. Thanks to Anselm da Calabria for sharing his time and knowledge.

Our first activity for the year is the Lightwood Alternative Very Informal Totally Simplified Easter Festivity, or LAVITSEF. The quirky alternative to Festival for people who can’t wayfare as far as Glenworth Valley, but can manage the trip to our favourite venue at Surges Bay Hall. Camping Friday and Saturday nights, with a soup kitchen Friday night, catered Feast Saturday, and hot breakfasts Saturday and Sunday mornings. Archery, collegia and activities Friday and Saturday, Easter Egg hunt Sunday morning, Bardic Circle on Saturday night, heaps of entertainment for the children, and general good fun for all.