Saturnalia II

The Canton held our second Roman-style midwinter celebration on June 9th at Glen Huon Hall. Steward, once again, was THL Karl Faustus von Aachen, with head cook this year being Óláfr Hafrillugi, in his first (but hopefully not last!) feast for the group.

Head Cook Óláfr Hafrillugi, photo by THL Karl Faustus von Aachen

During the day, there was a bounteous spread of afternoon tea provided by Óláfr, to sustain the early attendees in various activities such as dancing (led by Baroness Jehanne de Finistère), boffer fighting, (hobby)horse racing and kubb.

In the evening, the feast-goers played dice and other tabletop games, and enjoyed the delicious three course menu, based on Apicius.

Photo credits to Eric TF Bat and Liz Williamson

Menu (courtesy of Mechtild Schuynagel and Óláfr Hafrillugi)

Dear revelers of Saturnalia!

Please enjoy your feast prepared and cooked for you by Óláfr Hafrillugi. It is based on the writings of Apicius – a collction of Roman recipes compiled in the first century AD. It was also called De Re Coquinaria in the early prints.

The original recipes have been adjusted for modern food requirements as well as availability and affordability. Sorry folks, but that meant that those recipes with flamingo were out!

Yours in Service
Mechthild Schuynagel

V – Vegan
LS – low sugar
GF – Gluten free

Foccacia and Ciabatta (V, LS)
Pan-roasted lettuce with walnuts (GF, V, LS)
Dormouse in sesame and honey – chicken thighs (no eggs, GF)
Minutal Tarentinum – vegetable soup
Chickpeas with cumin, olive oil and wine (GF, V, LS)
Carrots and parsnips in wine sauce (GF, V, LS)
Porcellum Vitellianum – suckling pig/pork roast
Patina Versatilis – nut custard (GF, contains honey, eggs)
Gustum de Praecoquis – compote of early fruit (GF, V, contains honey)
Left over cheeses and nuts