Lightwood goes to the Kempton Festival

Our friends from Loxley Archers signed up to provide some Come & Try archery for The Kempton Festival on Sunday the 17th of February, so naturally the Canton had to go along and help out.  It may be a couple of hours away, but compared to Thomas and Guinevere’s drive from Burnie it’s practically next door.

In attendance from the Canton were William, Morwenna, Mariot, Ranmor and Talia from Housse de Bonnay, and Karl and Gocken (pictured) from Old Briar Farm.

The Festival was moderately well attended, or very well attended if you count the sheep as well as the people.  We set up the de Bonnay pavilion with a display of various arts and sciences and spoke to passers-by about how we spend our weekends.  There was some interest, and we gave out some flyers to the upcoming St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic.  We brought the Canton’s supply of boffer swords and Gocken, the Canton Knight Marshal of Boffer Combat (Unofficial) gave lessons to some of the kids.

The weather was lovely, at least until the moment we packed up, after which it began to rain. Good timing!

Although it’s a fair way from our ancestral lands, we think it might be worth enticing the larger Barony to come with us to the Kempton Country Fair in June to do something similar, perhaps with a couple of sword fighters to provide more spectacle.