St Sebastians V

Now that was a fun event!  The weather was dry and the promised rain stayed away, though unusually for Lightwood this didn’t mean either blistering heat or gale force winds. It was just a nice day, a bit cool but not in any way unpleasant.

We had around forty people attending, and a large and respectable field of competitors in the tournament and the Arts & Sciences competition.  As is traditional, the trophy for the archery was taken away by Thomas Loxley of Loxley Archers up in Burnie, and to rub it in he and his good lady Guinevere Winter Marsh won the couples shoot as well. Never mind. Lightwood will travel to their distant lands when the archery club has its next competition and win the prizes back!

The A&S competition was won by Lady Elena with a superb pork pie.  Second was Gocken, with his very first A&S competition entry of a pear and blackberry pie and a soteltie based around it.  Third was Lady Morwenna with her Fidget Pie.  The pies were all delicious and the rest of the food was plentiful and of the best quality, again by Lightwood tradition.