Winter Warmer Warmed Wonderfully

After rather a complicated couple of weeks during which everybody was distracted by various medical and other emergencies, it was lovely to come together for a traditional Lightwoodian pot luck feast.  Fifteen people attended, which is pretty good for this time of year, and we got to try out some new ideas.

Lord William has built a new game, known in the mundane world as Cornhole (we really have to come up with a less disturbing name!), which has origins in mid-period Germany.  It will rival our beloved Kubb in popularity and enhance the training that will make Lightwood’s archers the most terrifying accurate shots in the Kingdom.

The Steward, Lady Mariot, even got us playing a medieval trivia game, with a twist.  Every team won a prize.

And then came the food! As always with Lightwood feasts, this was a case of Walk In, Waddle Home.  Our youngest cook, Gocken de Leeu (age 11) made a gluten-free cheese and spinach pie, and just for a change his Dad, Karl Faustus von Aachen, made a nice curry.  Everyone else contributed too, and we all ate very well indeed.

For a cold, dark evening in the deepest wilds of Tasmania, that was a very pleasant way to spend our time!