Feasts and Events


Feasts – often held in conjunction with combat, archery and other activities during the day – are times when the medieval dream comes to life. Sharing food by candlelight, watching the pageantry of Court, listening to bards and entertainers – feasts are an escape from the mundane world.

The Plague has reduced our options for feasts, but we’re hoping to get back into them as things improve.


Since we are a volunteer society, feasts are run by our members, usually a team of Steward (event co-ordinator), Head Cook, and Marshal (in charge of combat activities), and their helpers. The Canton usually holds 3-4 feasts each year, from the extravagant and ornate to the small and casual, with menus ranging from the five course catered extravaganza with recipes covering a thousand years of history to the relaxed pot luck.

Non-members are welcome to come along. Medieval garb and basic feasting gear can be provided for people coming to their first event: contact the Seneschal, Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen (Paul Sleigh) on 0407 468 244.

Feasting and merriment 3

Look at the calendar and the blog roll for details of upcoming events. Event write-ups or galleries of past feasts can be found here.