A&S competition winners

Congratulations to Lightwood’s new Seneschal, Lady Helewyse de Bonnay (Christine Arnold), for her winning entry in the Arts and Sciences competition run in conjunction with the Feast of the St Edmunds Pippin, 21st November 2015.


Congratulations are also due to Lady Jennifer le Dragonier de Lille (Jenni Hotson) of the Barony of Ynys Fawr, who was awarded the token for best documentation.


There were seven entries in the competition, of a very high standard and across a great range of media, from sugar paste to stone-working (in fact, with three edible entries, we proved that even in Arts and Sciences competitions, Canton events follow the motto “Walk in, waddle home”). Thanks go to Lady Helewyse, Lady Jennifer, Erlendr Tryggvason, Lord William de Bonnay, Lord Aidan Brock, Lady Morwenna de Bonnay and Lady Elena Anthony for your inspiring entries! Photos of all the entries can be found here.