The T-tunic and Accessories

Basic introduction to garb

In depth look at T-tunic construction

Another cutting diagram and explanation of the more historically accurate pieced construction

Quick and dirty T-tunic


Wearing something on your head is an easy and effective way to feel more like a medieval person and less like someone in a funny dress.


Coifs (men and women)


Period Hair.pdf

While a generic T-tunic, with or without some kind of head gear, is absolutely fine and will do you for your entire career in the SCA if costuming isn’t your Thing, you may wish to explore specific cultures or periods. With no more than the basic sewing skills required for a T-tunic, you can create an excellent early period persona just by paying attention to the specifics of decoration and accessories, whether it be embroidery stitches and motifs, brocaded trim, jewellery, veils or hats.

The following is a tiny introductory sample of the kind of resources which are available on the internet about specific eras and cultures, which don’t require sophisticated sewing techniques to achieve.

Viking Era

Thorson and Svava’s Basic Viking Garb for Men and Women [PDFs]

Thora Sharptooth’s Viking resources

Viking Answer Lady’s clothing links


Early Period Anglo Saxon

Making Early Period Anglo Saxon Garb [PDF]

Angelcynn – Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons


Early Period Celtic

Echna’s 5th Century Celtic Re-enactments Page

Breastfeeding-friendly garb, some historical examples and theories on construction
and another.


Islamic Garb

List of resources on Islamic garb, compiled for an earlier Lightwood event.