The End of the Proposal

UPDATE: The news is more complicated than that.  The rules have changed, and all the names are now different.  Under the new rules, we are now proposed, which is a step up from the initial state of unofficial.  When we get our heraldry registered, we will finally be incipient. So it’s all very silly, but the good news is that at least we’re progressing… in one direction or another.

I bear some solemn news.  The proposed canton of Lightwood is no more.

Yes, it’s true.  Tonight, in court, the news was handed down: we are now the incipient canton of Lightwood.  Which means we’re officially on the path to real live cantonhood, having been recognised by the king and queen.

Tonight, at the Feast of the Lions in Ynys Fawr, King Siridean and Queen Margie accepted with great pleasure the banner, made by our own seneschal Adelindis filia Gotefridi.  They expressed their approval, and thus we passed the last test on the road toward becoming an incipient group.  The banner will fly at all Lightwood events (except the one where it’s being further sewn and improved upon by the lady Adelindis and, she hopes, several volunteers).

This is all because all our paperwork has been submitted and appears to be in order, and we are looking and behaving like a real SCA branch.  Which is fair enough: we have five officers, regular meetings, over a dozen active participants (counting kids) and the support of the barony and the kingdom.  We need to keep running events, like the recent feast and tourney, the upcoming Medieval Mayhem and other future events that we’re just beginning to nut out, and recruit more members.  All going well, in 12-18 months we should be able to progress to full canton status.

Bottoms Up!