The Canton Banner

At the Imot today, Adelindis and Morwenna started on the process of couching the edges of the laurel wreath. The banner as presented at Court was largely machine appliqued because of the short timeframe, but the intention is to gradually replace the machine stitching with corded edging, while still having a fully-functional banner to use at events in the meantime. The exception to this were the apples, which were couched onto the tree before the tree was sewn onto the banner.

Couching, or corded applique, is a common period embroidery technique especially suited to heraldic applications such as banners. A cord is laid across the raw edge of the fabric, and the stitch goes from the outside of the appliqued shape over the cord and down into both layers of fabric, creating a sturdy join while reducing fraying without the need for folding over edges.

By the end of the Imot, the tally was five leaves down, 35 leaves (and an apple tree!) to go…