We had a productive and entertaining Imot this weekend. Adelindis brought in the planned menu for the Baronial Investiture, for which we are submitting a proposal. Work continued on couching the Baronial banner, and Morwenna worked on the newer project of making bunting in the Canton’s colours for adding colour and visibility to future tourneys and events. Libby finished sewing over the lines of a tic tac toe board, which the children promptly co-opted and lay on the floor playing. Adelindis brought in her copy of Joan Sutton (mka India Ollerenshaw)’s book on medieval toys and games, which inspired the idea to compile a Canton toy basket to bring along to events to keep the children entertained. We decided to bring along some materials to the next Imot for the kids to make various kinds of cloth dolls. And the Crux Australis Principal Herald (pro tem) did some consulting with three of the younger members of the canton and produced some excellent heraldry.