Welcome to Lightwood – a word from the Seneschal

Welcome to those who have been inspired by the pageantry of the Medieval Mayhem to find out more about this re-enactment lark! If you want to become involved, the easiest way is to come to our regular fortnightly event, the Imot (pronounced im-OTT, which is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “meeting”). The next one is coming up on May 5th, 1-4pm, at Geeveston Community Centre (GeCo), School Rd Geeveston. At the Imot we get together to work on projects, plan events and enjoy workshops on different topics. No garb is required – just turn up, introduce yourselves, and find out more about us. Children are welcome to come along too, we are a family-friendly group.

Our next event, still in the planning stages, is a residential weekend at the Far South Wilderness Lodge near Dover, provisionally called the Midwinter Scholium. Intended as an immersive introduction to the broadest range of SCA interests we can bring together, our scholars will be able to sample topics ranging from fighting to costuming to fibre arts to heraldry, and much more besides, without having to worry about driving home over Vince’s Saddle in the dark. As well as having formal presenters, all attendees will be encouraged to share any knowledge and expertise they may possess in different subject areas.

If Hobart is more local to you than the Huon Valley, then check out the Barony of Ynys Fawr instead. They run regular fighting and archery practices, dance practices and events.