LAVITSEF 2019 – Good Friday to Easter Sunday

Because not everyone can attend Rowany Festival on the mainland over Easter, we’re running our own camping event over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Easter 2019, under the name of the Lightwood Alternative Very Informal Totally Simplified Easter Festivity, or LAVITSEF.

The venue is Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Ground, on Meredith Street, about 20 minutes south of Huonville.  It’s a large oval with plenty of room for archery, tournaments and camping, and with clubrooms with a bar and kitchen and a wood fire.  It will be cosy and quite luxurious!

Arrive on Good Friday evening to set up your tent.  We’ll provide a soup kitchen, and we’ll have a bardic circle — outside if weather permits, otherwise inside around the fire.

On Easter Saturday we’ll have archery, tournaments, collegia and heraldic consulting during the day, and a supplemented pot luck feast and movies in the evening.

Easter Sunday morning will begin with an Easter egg hunt, then more archery and collegia.

We welcome involvement from the wider Barony, from anyone who was feeling sad about missing out on Rowany Festival. If you are interested in running a very informal collegium or you want to join in the tourneys, which may attract mundane spectators, please let me know. This is a very informal event — it says so in the name — so every level of experience is welcome.

Price per head will be $25 per adult for Saturday or the full event, $5 for just Friday or just Sunday, with a suitable scale for younger participants, and the usual $5 extra for non-members.  Bookings to Disa of Lightwood (Jemma Sweeney) on by the Sunday before Easter.

For the latest updates, consult the Facebook event or email the steward, Karl Faustus von Aachen (Eric TF Bat) on