Canton Day Was Amazing!

Lightwood has found a new home base at the Castle Forbes Bay Recreation Ground at the end of Meredith Street, so this past Saturday we had our first garbed Canton Day there and then joined in the CFB Recreation Club’s Open Day. Both were well attended: even with the long drive down for St Sebs fresh in their memory, we got a few visitors from Hobart, and as well we had a huge amount of interest from the locals in CFB who thought a medieval group in their back yard was quite a delight.

The Rec Ground is a bit of a fixer-upper, but the enthusiasm from both the locals and the Canton members is encouraging. A few working bees and we’ll have the place spic and span. Our next event there is LAVITSEF in a couple of weeks, and we’ll aim to do archery and have other activities there whenever the weather is agreeable.