Lightwood’s Eighth Birthday – 30 November

Lightwood will be celebrating its birthday a little late this year.  We turn 8 on the 25th, but we’re celebrating on Saturday 30 November at Castle Forbes Bay. It’s a special event, because we’re celebrating with not one but three kinds of martial art! The traditional archery contest, plus the heavy and rapier combat of an Ynys Fawrian Seasonal Tournament. Supplemented pot luck picnic, with cake!

Follow the Facebook event here.

The cost will be:
Adults and under 18: $10
Under 14: $5
Under 7 free
Non-members add $10 adults or $5 minors.
Bring a dish to share.
The Steward is Karl Faustus von Aachen (Paul Sleigh).  Send your bookings by Sun 24 Nov to Disa of Lightwood (Jemma Sweeney).


10am: opening court
10:30: archery, armour inspections
Noon: heavy tourney
1pm: supplemented pot-luck lunch
2:30: rapier tourney
4pm: closing court and clean-up by this time