Happy (Re-)Birthday, Lightwood

And so it came to pass, amidst portents of plague and misery over all the Kingdom, that the Canton of Lightwood uttered an invitation to the people of the land, that they may come to the Palace of the Franks on the banks of the mighty River Lightwood, there to feast and make merry in a responsible, socially distanced fashion in accordance with custom and law.

And the people took up the invitation, and lo! There was a feast!

So, yeah…

The last Saturday of November in the Year of the Society, Anno Societatis LV (2020), Lightwood woke from its slumber and had a very nice newcomers feast.  Over fifty people attended, nearly half of them new to the Society and several more than that new to the Canton.  People came from as far afield as Oatlands, Lymington, Southport and even (gasp!) just down the road in Franklin.

While sticking to the rules about social distancing and (regrettably) not sharing food outside one’s household bubble, we still had a friendly evening.  Their Excellencies David and Arabella Ynys Fawr presented an astonishing number of Newcomer Tokens and also gave out some awards on behalf of Their Majesties.  Outside, we played kubb and had a boffer tournament.  The hall was gorgeous and the everyone looked splendid.

It was an excellent way to celebrate the return from hibernation of the Canton.  Now stay tuned for more events and activities in the new year!