The Royal Picnic

Did you hear the news?  Every six months (when Plague isn’t messing with our schedule) we have a Crown Tourney, and after a short time the winner and their consort are crowned King and Queen of Lochac, which is the Kingdom covering all of Australia and New Zealand.  The Shire of Bordescros (Albury/Wodonga) held a Crown Tourney recently, and for the first time in history the winner was an Ynys Fawrian — a Tasmanian!*  His Royal Highness Sir Guillaume d’Oze and Her Royal Highness Mistress Miriam de Mont Noir will be crowned King and Queen in May in Melbourne, but before then we’re hoping to see them at a local event or two.  And that’s why you’re reading this…

Lightwood is holding a picnic in the park on Saturday 17 April 2021, in Heritage Park in Geeveston, to be followed by an afternoon of arts and sciences of various sorts in the Community Hall nearby.  The picnic starts at 11am, and prices are as follows:

Adults: $5 ($15 for non-members, due to insurance fees)
Children, under 18: $2 ($7 for non-members)

Remember — you can become a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism for $45 for the year for an adult (free for children living in the same house as a member).  Might be worth doing!

Check out the Facebook event for more info, and please book by emailing the Steward, Baron Karl, on



* Strictly, we have had Tasmanian royalty before, but they were living on the Mainland at the time. This is the first time the winners have been Ynys Fawrian residents.  So it’s a big deal for us!