Not An Event: The Future Of The Past

After some time in hibernation, during which a Plague came upon all the lands of the Known World and beyond, the Canton of Lightwood is planning to wake up and start doing stuff.

There’s just one problem: there’s hardly any of us left!

So rather than carry on with just our small group of friends and family, we think it’s time to invite new people into the fold.  And if you’re reading this, that means you!

If you live in the Huon and would like to be part of the Canton, which means getting to do medieval things and dress up in some truly awesome styles, then we have a plan.  Meet us at DS Cafe in Huonville for brunch or lunch on Sunday May 30th any time after 10am, and we’ll have a general conversation about where we’re going from here.  If we get enough interested people, we’ll restart some activities and plan a feast or two, and you’ll be involved in as much as you want.

This isn’t an SCA event or activity.  Medieval garb is not required, and we won’t be proposing toasts to the King and Queen or calling each other by funny names (mostly).  That means, incidentally, that it’s not covered by SCA insurance, which means no entry fee for non-members.  It’s a perfectly modern 21st century get-together over brunch, and everyone is welcome even if they’ve never done medieval stuff before.

Interested?  Give Paul a call or text on 0407 468 244, or email, so we know to expect you.