Canton of Lightwood in December and January

While the Canton Day on the 5th was washed out by the weather, the Canton will still be active in the lead-up to Christmas. Upcoming dates:

  • December 11th: the annual Canton entry in the Geeveston Christmas Parade, starting at 6pm
  • December 12-13th: End of an Era – Royal event, being held by the Barony at Kraken Hall in Hobart, all day
  • December 18th: last A&S project night for the year, 7pm at GeCo
  • December 19th: garbed archery/imot/potluck BBQ and Christmas celebration, Surges Bay oval, 12-3pm
  • December 29th: garbed potluck picnic and practice tourney, Huonville Foreshore BBQ area, 5pm

The Canton will be returning in January with A&S project night and imot on the 8th and 9th, and our next Canton Day on the 16th. Canton Day will be welcoming us back into the swing of things for the year, and we hope to have enough fighters attending to put on a relaxed tourney as well as the usual archery and potluck. Hope to see you there!

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Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin photo gallery

Click on the thumbnails to embiggen.

The Day

Opening Court

Opening Court

Arts and Sciences competition entries

Helewyse     Jennifer     William

L-R: Helewyse de Bonnay, Jennifer le Dragoner de Lille, William de Bonnay

Erlendr     Morwenna     Aidan

L-R: Erlendr Tryggvason, Morwenna de Bonnay, Aidan Brock


Lady Elena Anthony’s gilded sugar paste, marzipan and pashmak (fairy floss) entry came to an unfortunate end in an untimely gust of wind, however the populace were still most appreciative of her efforts (particularly the bits they got to eat before this photo was taken).

The Feast

hall in daylight     Feasting and merriment     Feasting and merriment 2

Feast and Candelabra     Feasting and merriment 3     singing the Lightwood Anthem

Dessert course and the cutting of the cake

dessert remove     cutting the cake     birthday cake


Photos by Darren West, Eric TF Bat, Wendy Calabria and Christine Arnold  – thank you!

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Feast of the St Edmund’s Pippin

On 21st November 2015 the Canton and Barony gathered at Kraken Hall, the home of the Barony of Ynys Fawr, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of the creation of the Canton of Lightwood. It was a light-hearted event featuring a full day of heavy and rapier tourneys and an archery competition, an A&S competition, and an evening of feasting and entertainment.

Stewards were Helewyse and Robert de Bonnay (Christine and Bill Arnold), and Head Cook was Ursula Mariae Einhorn (Angela Garth).

Opening Court

Baron and Baroness of Ynys Fawr at Opening Court – photo by Darren West

The winners of the various competitions were as follows:

Party hat killer skirmish

Winner Jack of Lightwood (Jack Hyde)
Second place Wulfgar Jarnsida (Dan Russell)

Heavy tournament

Winner Aidan Brock (Kevin Hotson)
Second place Wulfgar Jarnsida (Dan Russell)
Third place Robert de Bonnay (Bill Arnold)

Rapier tournament

Winner Perran of Lyskyret (Peter Apted)
Second place Anselm de Calabria (Nicholas Calabria)

Archery target shoot

Winner William de Bonnay (Terry Arnold)
Second place Aidan Brock (Kevin Hotson)
Third place Morwenna de Bonnay (Jan Arnold)

Apple on the head target shoot

A very close 1 for 1 shoot out between William de Bonnay and Erlendr Tryggvason (Tully Lampasona) saw William de Bonnay take the win.

A&S competition

Winner of the overall prize for the A&S competition was Helewyse de Bonnay (Christine Arnold).
Jennifer le Dragonier de Lille (Jenni Hotson) was awarded the token for best documentation.

Further details of the A&S competition can be found here.


At Court, the changeover of the Canton’s Seneschal, Constable, Lists and A&S Officers took place. Thanks were given to Mariot de Bonnay (retiring Seneschal), Helewyse de Bonnay (retiring Constable and Lists) and Adelindis filia Gotefridi (retiring A&S Officer) for their service, and congratulations to Helewyse de Bonnay (Seneschal), Morwenna de Bonnay (Constable and Lists) and Tina of Lightwood (A&S) for stepping forward to take on these offices.

Bridget Wynter was also appointed a lady-in-waiting to Her Excellency, Baroness Madeleine de Bourgogne.

The feast

Feasting and merriment 3

Photo by Wendy Cockshaw

First Remove:
Bread Rolls/Gluten free bread rolls
Vegetarian soup
Sweet potato soup
Pea and Ham soup

Second Remove:
Platters of rice, vegetables and beans
Apricot pork
Beef Nicoise
Armenian Lamb

Third Remove:
Dessert – Hot Apple Pies (what would a Lightwood event be without apple pie?) with cream and fresh made custard
Fruit Cakes (made by Jenni Hotson)
Birthday Cake (made by Christine Arnold)

cutting the cake

Adelindis and Karl Faustus cutting the cake – photo by Christine Arnold


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Canton Day

Curious about medieval re-enactment and want to know more about it?

During October-May the Canton of Lightwood will be holding Canton Day at Heritage Park in Geeveston from 11:30am on the first Saturday of every month (weather and other Baronial events permitting), where we put on our medieval clothes and bring along a potluck dish to share for lunch, and enjoy conversation, games or other social activities. Anyone interested is welcome to come by and have a look. Garb isn’t expected of newcomers, of course, but we have some to borrow if you want to get into the spirit of the day.

Last season Canton Day included archery, which interested bystanders were welcome to participate in, but due to changing circumstances at Heritage Park this is no longer possible. If we find a new venue this may change, so check back here!

For more information please contact our Hospitaller, Lady Morwenna de Bonnay (Jan Arnold) on (03) 6297 1083.


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Medieval Mayhem Returns

After a three-year break, Medieval Mayhem will return to Geeveston in April 2012.

Read on

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