The Canton of Lightwood

Medieval Recreation in the Huon Valley

Canton Day

Lightwood was blessed with a beautiful winter’s day for the resumption of Canton Day on Saturday 8 July. We had 12 people in attendance, including several who had travelled down from the greater Barony, and several rounds of archery were enjoyed, interspersed with a pot luck lunch.

photo by Eric TF Bat

The ingenious backstop for catching arrows and preventing them from travelling into the neighbour’s paddock worked very effectively. Thanks to Lady Mariot and Lord Ranmor for their hospitality, and the effort they put into preparing the archery range. We hope to be back again soon!

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Canton Day – July

After a break of a few months, Canton Day resumes in July with a garbed pot luck lunch and archery (weather permitting). The date is Saturday July 8th from 11am -3pm. It will be held at a private address – with a nice warm fire to retreat to after the archery – so please contact our Hospitaller, Lady Morwenna de Bonnay, for the address, on or (03) 6297 1083.

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The Canton held its midwinter event, based on the Roman Festival of Saturnalia and stewarded by THL Karl Faustus von Aachen, at Kraken Hall on June 24th. We were pleased to have the company of Baron Gilbert Purchase and Baroness Bethony Gaitskell of Krae Glas and their family for the occasion.

The Gladiatorial Games during the day were greatly entertaining (if chilly). The populace were able to buy a gladiator for the games at the initial auction, held after opening Court, and the first round of the tourney was conducted by owner’s challenge. There was much amusement provided by the audience’s ability to determine whether the victorious fighter should deal a final blow to their defeated opponent to end their suffering, or permit them to continue fighting. After the audience participation round, the tournament was decided by a round robin format, with the victor being Sir Gilbert Purchase, Baron of Krae Glas.

After the fighters had retired from the field, the next generation of Ynys Fawr’s combatants took their places for a boffer tourney, followed by a splendid melee in which a fierce lion (Lord Robert de Bonnay) was vanquished by the sheer number of his opponents – and an unexpected Knight.

images by Lady Helewyse de Bonnay – click to enlarge

The valiant children were later called up in Court and presented Baroness Adelindis filia Gotefridi with a lion skin as a memento of their brave battle. Huzzah! Also at Court, Floki Snorrason received an encouragement token, and Lord Drustin of Skye was made a member of the Order of the Golden Beacon for his excellence as an example of presentation and conduct in persona.

The evening’s feast, catered by Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora in her first (but hopefully not last!) feast in her new Barony of Ynys Fawr, featured a hearty winter’s menu based on the recipes of Apicius. Despite not being a member of the Canton, she certainly lived up to Lightwood’s motto Walk In, Waddle Home. She has kindly provided her redaction for one of her dishes below.

There was also much entertainment and gift giving in the spirit of Saturnalia. The A&S competition for the evening had two categories: a small item suitable to be given as a gift, and a poetic work to be presented to a person of higher rank. These received one entry each, with a beautiful set of wooden feasting gear presented by Lord William de Bonnay to Floki Snorrason, and an impressive poem composed in dactylic hexameter by Master Hrolf Herjolffson, and presented to Baroness Adelindis. While the categories were unable to be judged, both entrants received a token for the quality of their entries. The poetic theme was continued by several, and there were also a number of songs performed throughout the evening.

A rousing good time was had by all who attended on the day, despite the chill. Io Saturnalia!

De Re Coquinaria, Apicius
Pernae Cocturam
288 To Cook Pork Shoulder
Pernae cocturam

Ham simply cooked in water with figs is usually dressed on a platter (baking pan) sprinkled with crumbs and reduced wine, or, still better, with spiced wine and is glazed under the open flame, or with a shovel containing red-hot embers.

1 Perna is usually applied to shoulder of pork, fresh, also cured. Coxa is the hind leg, or haunch of pork, or fresh ham. Cf. note 1 to ℞ No.289.

The redaction used for Saturnalia was:

rolled shoulder of pork 3kg
white wine ~1 L
500g of dried figs
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp salt
several fresh bay leaves
150g sultanas
fresh sage was also added

Place the pork in a roasting dish, add the wine, figs, sultanas, pepper, salt and bay leaves (sage if using). Place into a preheated oven (160 if fan forced 180 if not). Roast for several hours.  Every hour or so roll the pork over and baste with wine and cooking juices. You can then take the skin off and place it under the grill and make crispy.

– Lady Alessandra di Fiore di Piero della Mora


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St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic III

Photo by Tina Hale

The Canton celebrated our third St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic on February 18th. It was a fun, low-key event, in which the usual high calibre of archery in the Barony was on display. The fiendish mind of the Canton’s Captain of Archers had been hard at work to produce new targets to dismay and confound all comers, as is now traditional.

The place-getters of the archery competition were Lord Anselm da Calabria (first on 146), Thomas Loxley (140) and Lord William de Bonnay (139). Winner of the pairs shoot were Thomas Loxley and Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche (122). Congratulations to them all on a splendid showing.

In addition to the usual archery activities, this year’s picnic incorporated a new – and exceedingly popular! – Arts and Sciences competition, for medieval pies. While an excellent subject for an A&S competition in itself, the popularity undoubtedly came from the fact that the pies were distributed to the populace after the official judging was complete. The winner – and also second place getter – of the A&S competition was Lady Helewyse de Bonnay, with her spectacular blackberry pie (made from her own blackberries) taking first place, and her Tortes d’Agli (garlic pies) coming in second. Third place getter was Morwenna de Bonnay. Thanks and congratulations to all the entrants, your contributions were greatly appreciated! The trophy for the A&S competition was an ingenious and very appropriate rolling pin, made by Lord William de Bonnay.

Photos by Christine Arnold. Click on thumbnails for detail.

Baroness Anna Felice Tavestoche was delighted to welcome wayfarers to the Barony, from the Canton of Burnfield in the Northern Reaches. They are pictured here (on the right) with their friends and hosts, Nicholas and Tina of Lightwood (on the left).

Photo provided by Tina Hale

Thanks and congratulations go to the Housse de Bonnay – particularly event steward Lady Morwenna de Bonnay – and their helpers for another delightful event.

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St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic

The Canton invites you to join us for the third St Sebastian’s Archery Picnic, to be held at Surges Bay Oval on February 18th, 2016.

Details: Target Archery Tournament & supplemented pot luck lunch.
Come along and join in! Bring a partner for our Mixed Pairs Shoot.

9.30 Sign In For a 10am Start

Price: Adults and over 16: $15, under 16: FREE
$5 insurance for all Non-Members

Bookings: close Sun 12 Feb
Bookings Contact:

A&S Competition
Make your Favourite Medieval Pie

MEAT, FRUIT the list is endless!
– Bake 1 Pie or a Dozen
– Leave it at the A&S table upon sign in with your ingredients list
– Pies will be scored by our judges on the day
– Documentation is encouraged

Judges will be looking for:
– Presentation
– Flavour
– Skill

Once the judges have finished scoring, the populace will be able to eat them and decide on their own favourites!

We hope to see you on the day.

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UPDATE: Canton Day, November

Alas, the weather is not co-operating, and Canton Day has been cancelled for November. Check back here for details on our next archery practice.

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Canton Day, November

Welcome to people finding us from the the Blossom Festival display at GeCo today! If you are interested in finding out more about us and what we do, why not come along to our next Canton Day? Held on Saturday 5th November, at Surges Bay oval, we will be getting together for a relaxed day of archery practice, BBQ lunch and socialising. Set up is between 11:30-12pm, and practice usually winds up around 3pm. We will be in garb, but don’t worry if you don’t have anything to wear – our Hospitaller will have something available if you want to get into the spirit of the thing.


Children are welcome to participate in archery from the age of about five (or when they are old enough to hold the bow safely and take direction from our archery Marshals).

To participate in the archery, all non-members, of any age, will need to pay a $5 insurance surcharge, which makes you members for the duration of the event and thus covered by our policy. If you want to come more regularly, a yearly SCA membership is $35 per adult, and any number of children can be added to an adult membership for free. A gold coin donation per adult towards the Canton’s expenses is also appreciated, but not required.

10476398_658777790883145_3494990831613981726_nArchery is always subject to the vagaries of the weather, of course, so if it looks doubtful due to wind or rain, the best way to confirm whether or not it will be going ahead for the day is checking the Canton of Lightwood’s Facebook group, where any cancellation will be advised before 11am, or by calling the Captain of Archers.

For more information on archery in the Canton, please contact the Captain of Archers, Lord William de Bonnay (Terry Arnold), on (03) 6297 1083. For more information on the Canton, you can talk to our Hospitaller, Lady Morwenna de Bonnay (Jan Arnold), at or (03) 6297 1083. We hope to see you at an event soon!



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Archery is back!

The Canton kicked off archery practice for the season with a well-attended session at Surges Bay oval today.

canton-archers canton-archers-2

Archery practice happens every fortnight (please check the calendar for exact dates) from 11:30 (set-up) to around 3pm. Anyone can come and have a go, you just need to sign an event membership and pay an indemnity for the day so that you are covered by insurance. Children are welcome to participate from the age of about 5, under parental supervision. For more details, see our page on Archery, or contact our Captain of Archers, Lord William de Bonnay, on 6297 1083.

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Sheffield Medieval Festival

The Canton sent a goodly contingent of members to the Sheffield Medieval Festival this year, to help represent the Barony. The stalwart de Bonnay family also lent their aid to the Loxley Archers group in the running of the archery display. Despite the rain and wind it was a great event, with lots of interested souls braving the weather to come and see what is on offer in the medieval world in Tasmania.

canton-sheffield-stallCanton Deputy Seneschal Lady Mariot de Bonnay, Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen, and minstrel Bridget Wynter at the stall on Saturday

A great photo of Canton Captain of Archers Lord William de Bonnay, captured in action, was also included in the ABC News Online’s excellent story on the Festival (near the end).

We look forward to returning next year to enjoy the hospitality of the Festival’s organisers, the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights Templar Tasmania – OSMTJ.

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End of an Era

Congratulations to all those members of the Canton who – among many other members of the broader Barony – were recognised for their achievements at the End of an Era Royal event on Saturday!

In the Court of King Steffan and Queen Branwen, Baron Sir Guillaume d’Oze was elevated to the Order of the Silver Pegasus for his consistent record of outstanding service to the Barony of Ynys Fawr, and through it, the Kingdom of Lochac. Baron Karl Faustus von Aachen was awarded the Order of Taillefer for his achievements in the bardic arts over many years. Many inspirational words were spoken about the service given to the Kingdom by members of the Canton, which were heartily endorsed by all those present.

Also in the evening’s Court, Lord William de Bonnay, on behalf of the Housse de Bonnay and the Canton of Lightwood, made a presentation to the King and Queen of two beautifully turned wooden boxes, made by his own hand from timber native to the Barony. These were received with much gratitude and admiration.

There were also a number of awards made to Canton members at the afternoon’s Baronial Court.

Lord Ronald of Ynys Fawr was recognised by Baron Hrolf as being an inspiration to all the fighters of Ynys Fawr, as well as for his quiet but consistent record of success in melee fighting. He now holds the Bronze Falchion in trust until a new opportunity to recognise one of the Barony’s fighters for their achievements presents itself.

Bronze Falchion photo by Adelindis filia Gotefridi

Lord Ronald of Ynys Fawr, the newest holder of the Bronze Falchion

Other members of the Canton who were recognised at the Baronial Court include Lord Robert de Bonnay, who was awarded the Order of the Garnet Anchor for his service to the Barony; and Lord Ronald who, in addition to holding the Bronze Falchion itself, was also given the Order of the Bronze Falchion for fighting prowess.


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